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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is more like Paris than anywhere else, but whit a southem European flavor thrown in.

13 millon people live in the city, whit another 10 millon in the surrounding area. The officil lenguage is American Spanish, but English, Italian and French are also spoken by many people. The city is three hours behind GMT.

Getting there
A direct flight from Britain should take around 13 hours. Detouring via New York will get you a tiket for around 500 but leave you whit a 24-hour plus trip, including being grimarced at by US customs. Book whit Travel Four, flying on Varig Airlines from 442 (including tax) through your local travel agent.

The official currency is the Argentinean peso, but the peso has been tied to dollar to stop rampant inflation. One peso = one dollar, so you can use American dollars in all the shops.

Expect to pay:
Budget room: US$ 20-30
Moderate hotel: US$ 30-40
Top-end hotel: US$ 40 and upwards
Budget meal: US$ 4-10
Moderate restaurant meal: US$ 10-20
Top-end restaurant meal: US$ 20 plus

Dialling code:54 11. The British embassy number (from within Argentina) is: 4803-7070, and it's based in Buenos Aires.

Food Argentineans eat more meat per head than anyone else in the world, including steaks the size of your hangover after sampling the exelent local red wine. Two of the best parrillas (steak houses) are La Chacra on Ave Cordoba 950, and Restaurant 9 De Julio on Ave 9 De Julio. Veggies have a choice of 24 salads at La Chacra: they're big and much better than the usual crap served in Britain. The Novecento is the smartest international place and the Soul Cafe is kitsch Italian.

Locals recomended the Tequila, Voodoo, Gran Dazon and El Codo (a hip hop venua).

Still a small scene: there's Pacha (Clubland) on Saturdays, Divino on Fridays (for more straight-ahead US house) and Ave Porco on Thursdays (the top-rated underground club).

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