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Argentine Summer Season
The Argentine summer was plenty of high quality tournaments

The Argentine summer season was very hot, there was several high quality tournaments on the Argentine and Uruguayan beaches. In the first place, in Punta del Este (Uruguay) the Marlboro Cup was played, by the 2 Indios Chapaleufú teams, Indios Chapaleufú 1 played with Silvestre Garros replacing Horacio Heguy Jr. and Alejandro Agote replacing Hector Guerrero who left the team.
The game was very exciting and the crowd of 5.000 espectators was very happy with the exhibition.
After the match the jerseys of both teams were auctioned, and the money coming from the auction plus the parking tickets was donated to a local pediatric hospital.

A couple days later at the Estancia Dos Montes in Cariló was played the Torneo Honda for the Guerrero Cup, a very important tournament with the participation of great players such as Lucas Criado, Silvestre Garros and Santiago Araya among others.
This tournament offered 15.000.- U$S in prizes for the 16 players that teamed up in four teams from 20 to 25 goals.
The tournament was played with the American system (all teams played each other) and the Fibertel Team won the cup after beating the other 3 teams (Carolina Herrera, Honda 1 y Honda 2)

On the other side, also in the Argentine seaside, was played another tournament, the Grand Slam de Beach Polo, played in Pinamar and Cariló. In this tournament there was 3 tams of 2 players each (Schweppes White, Black and Red)

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