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Indios Chapaleufú II retain Argentine Open
Eduardo Heguy, with his brothers Pepe and Nachi and Milo Fernández Araujo retained the Argentine Open title in Buenos Aires on Saturday, with a 16-13 win over La Dolfina.

It was also a hat-trick for the Indios Chapaleufú II team - they won first in 1996 and last year reclaimed the cup with a narrow victory over La Cañada.

This time round the match was as fast as ever. Although La Dolfina, based around past winner Adolfo Cambiaso, got off to a good start, the second and third chukkas saw the scores standing level. La Dolfina pulled ahead again, 10-9 in the fourth chukka, but in the fifth Indios Chapaleufú II took the lead and never relinquished it.

Cambiaso did not have a particularly happy game, missing several penalties. However, he scored ten of his team's goals, seven of them from penalty shots.

Eduardo Heguy was named Best Player and Milo Fernández Araujo's mare Paz was Best Playing Pony. She also won Best Horse of the Tournament prize, presented by the Argentine Polo Horse Breeders Association.

Umpires were J.J. Diaz Alberdi and Daniel Boudou.

[INDIOS CHAPALEUFÚ II:] 1. P. Heguy (9), 2. I. Heguy (10), 3. M. Fernández Araujo (9), Bk. E. Heguy (10)

[LA DOLFINA:] 1. A. Cambiaso (10), 2. S. Merlos (9), 3. J.I. Merlos (9), Bk. B. Castagnola (9)

02/10/2001 00:51
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