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Cartier retain their snow title
A 6-4 victory over Mecedes-AMG allowed Cartier to retain the Polo World Cup on Snow in St Moritz on Sunday. It was the seventh time in the seventeen years of the tournament that Cartier have won.

Both sides played a good tactical game – and it was the first time on snow for Mercedes. On the winning team, José Donoso scored three goals, England's Chris Hyde scored two and New Zealander Cody Forsyth scored one.

Third place in the tournament went to Pommery who defeated Bank Hofmann 7½-6. There was particularly good play by Bank Hofmann's Alejandro Diaz Alberdi.

A total of 14,600 spectators attended this year's tournament, nine and a half thousand of them at the final.

[CARTIER:] 1. A.Agosti (0), 2. C. Forsyth (7), 3. J. Donoso (7), Bk. C. Hyde (6)

[MERCEDES-AMG:] 1. P. Hermès (1), 2. M. Hermès (2), 3. D. Braun (6), Bk. M. Fernández Araujo (9)

[POMMERY:] 1. J.W. Manconi (0), 2. C. Solari (6), 3. J. Bollini (8)/ J. Novillo Astrada (7), Bk. J. Kidd (4). NB. Novillo Astrada replaced Bollini, who had to return to Palm Beach, in the Saturday and Sunday tournaments.

[BANK HOFMANN:] 1. M. Gräff (1), 2. F. Podesta (4), 3. A. Diaz Alberdi (9), Bk. J. Lucas (5)

02/10/2001 00:47
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