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Record $$$ polo horse in Aiken
Dan McCarthy sells record polo horse in Aiken, SC

Aiken, South Carolina - Smiling from ear to ear, Mr. Dan McCarty walked from the sale ring, Bonnie, his 6-year old mare who just fetched over $35,000.00 at the annual sale.

The proud new owner of Bonnie, is Adam Snow. Mr. McCarthy was quoted as saying, "It was a thrill and honour to sell a horse like that to Adam Snow".

A total of 134 horses went through the sale ring that day. The Aiken sale event took place just shortly after the New Millennium Polo Pony sale which was held in Houston Texas, where Adolphus Busch, (Michelob Light Polo Team), picked up, "Catch Me", for a mere $27,000.00

01/29/2001 10:25
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