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Jamaica Women's Invitational
Leslie Ann Masterton Fong Yee has confirmed Teams for the Jamaica Women's Invitational - 23rd to 27th January

Every year this top rated tournament is hosted by the Lalor and Masterton families and the lucky women players selected to compete have a fabulous week of polo whilst enjoying all the wonders and beauty of Jamaica.

The two teams are formed from a selection of 8 of the world's best and this year include Valerie Denis who has been personally promoting playing opportunities for women by
sponsoring Caroline Anier and Eva Bhrule to play for her 8 goal team in France last season.

Leslie Ann Masterton Fong Yee (3) Jamaica
Victoria Grace (2) UK
Emma Tomlinson (2) UK
Nina Vesty (2) UK
Lizzie Beer (1) US
Marianela Castagnola (1) Argentina
Stacey Galindo(1) US
Valerie Denis (0) France

The first match is in a grass court style arena built by the Lalors in their back garden high on a mountainside above the Kingston. The views are magnificent if not a little hair raising as both player and pony can see far below the city lit up like a pasture sewn with stars.

Leslie then transports all the players to Chukka Cove beside the incredible blue Carribean sea.
The girls combine with JPA members in a "Battle of the Sexes" contest at St Anne's Polo Club and the Lalors entertain the girls in their historic plantation home with impressive views of the Blue Mountains and out to sea. On a clear day you can almost see Cuba which is only 60 miles from the coast.

The Finale of the Week is an impressive 6 goal polo game in the middle of Kingston with the town turning out to witness women playing - very rare in a country with only one rated
woman player who is also good enough to be reguarly selected for the Jamaican National Team.

This tournament has been running for more than a decade and has hosted most of the high level women players at some point in their careers. Definitely a tournament that inspires women players to reach their highest goals.

For results check the IWPA website next week on

The IWPA would also like to congratulate Sunny Hale on reaching 5 Goals - she is the highest rated women player in the world.

01/29/2001 10:30
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