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Carl Cox
There is no stopping him. Seeing and hearing is believing.

Carl Cox needs little introduction to anyone this new Millennium, due to his legendary global club-land status plus countless appearances through film, television and radio.

From the early warehouse days in the deep dark past of acid house, through the hardcore whistle posse years, to a new era as champion of the techno scene, Cox has always been at the forefront of his field pioneering the way forward. A true Christopher Columbus of the 21st Century - travelling to every corner of the planet to present his amazing ability at whipping a dance-floor into a frenzy by playing the most groundbreaking music.

First coming to prominence in the Rave revolution that swept the UK at the turn of the ninety's, which really was the key moment when we cross-faded from an analogue age to the digital one. Carl became the enduring talent that always stands after such a dramatic turn by the people in taste and acceptance. Bored of ego-fueled DJ's spouting banal microphone nonsense - the energy of the music was demanded by the dance-floor. Carl delivered and earned the accolade of Carl "Three-Decks Wizard" Cox due to his unique mixing style of running three different records together in perfect syncopation.

Since those halcyon days non-stop Carl has progressed to being awarded a new title by the media, by the promoters and by the adoring dance fans from all around the globe as The World's Greatest DJ.

In the past year Cox has propelled himself to even greater heights, redefining his place in musical history yet again by successfully showing his warm personality in front of the TV camera's. Achieving more success and attaining more goals than he dare dream possible by the old show business - hard work. Not content with excelling himself as the Three-Deck Wizard, he has developed talents as a producer, artist, remixer, radio presenter, TV face, businessman and ambassador for dance music.

In recent years, Cox has rocked dance-floors all over the world, making him truly global in every sense of the word. He has touched places that most would think were untouchable like South Africa, Israel, Asia, Malta, Corsica & Tasmania.

Cox’s yearly diary takes him all over the UK, Europe, Australia, and America, where nearly all are memorable gigs from both capacity and visual aspects. The most notable so far for Carl have been Glastonbury in 1995 and The '99 Love Parade, Berlin - which had the biggest crowd attendance ever witnessed for a music event, escalating to a massive one and a half million people. You cannot imagine what that looks and sounds like until you see and hear it. Playing music to an audience that size who are calling your name is something beyond an experience - it is most probably quantified as a personal miracle.

Carl Cox spent 5 years under his own management company Ultimate Music Management, which was host to a string of international DJ’s such as Josh Wink and Laurent Garnier. A company that started with no more than three DJ’s including himself escalated to a good thirty DJ’s and PA’s. The company blossomed under his watchful eye starting club nights and doing tours with the likes of Cream. Shortly after the growth of Ultimate, Carl was quickly on the path to record label success. Worldwide Ultimatum was set up which hosted the talent of Cox plus up and new artists such as Josh Abraham’s, Trevor Rockcliffe, Earl Grey and DJ Dan.

1999 saw the release of his second artist album Phuture 2000, with diverse tracks such as The Latin Theme, Phuture 2000 and Dr. Funk. Released all over Europe and throughout America, where Cox underwent supporting dates in places such as Phoenix, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Colorado Springs. Through Carl’s love for great music with artists that needed to be understood, he opened Ultimatum Breaks which has seen releases from Adam Freeland & Kevin Beber, Krash and LA Synthesis. In spring 1999, Carl decided it was time to launch a further label that would be host to the best techno and purist House he could hear. Artists recently appeared are the dynamic duo Christian Smith & John Selway, Chris Liebing, Trevor Rockcliffe, Marco Bailey and many more. The Intec label has seen DJ’s all over the globe biting on these tunes.

After years of winning awards as a DJ, there is a selection of compilations available to all Carl Cox lovers whichever style you enjoy him to do most. From the FACT series of Volumes 1 & 2 through Ultimate BASE to the very successful Non Stop mix series and the recently released Non Stop 2000 which relives Carl’s infamous turntable mix of the orgasmic Lil Louis “French Kiss” into the hip-house classic Doug Lazy “Let it Roll”.

Carl Cox’s weekly club night Ultimate BASE is approaching its 4th birthday come 2000. Cox and partner Jim Masters have been host to all international DJ’s, such as Danny Tenaglia, DJ Sneak, Sven Vath, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Stacey Pullen; to mention all would take forever. With a live Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1, spot dates at The End club and a monthly residency at the legendary Twilo in New York; it looks like this club will enter 2000 in full throttle style.

1999 also saw the release of Human traffic, where many saw Cox acting as a bad guy. Yes, the film was released in the UK where Carl was privileged to have his own track Black Shaolin on the film and The Latin Theme on the sound track. Due to its success in the UK, it is about to be released in America and Australia – the start of a Coxy film career looks certain destiny.

Other TV debuts have included the Big Breakfast, where Carl has been signed up to be a contributor to the show for Dance music where he mingles with the likes of Johnny Vaughan and Sara Cox.

Not forgetting his continued contribution to BBC Radio 1 through several mixes and travelogues set out to educate the UK listener about the cities where the mix is recorded.

Carl also played live to the BBC Radio 1 listeners from Sydney for the Millennium, where he first played for Home on Bondi Pavilion, Sydney. This event hosted 15,000 people where tickets sold out in 4 weeks; Cox played out the old century to his famous Australian crowd where he is approaching his 10th year visiting the country.

Then for a true finale Carl flew backward across the dateline for a second Millennium at the Honolulu State Park in Hawaii for a FREE party. Most entertainers creaming the date for all it's worth - Carl played for FREE after a nine-hour flight when he could just as easy sit on Bondi Beach with a bottle of Champagne in his hands. Why - because it's the final frontier in dance music's journey and Carl lit the fuse that will enable the DJ brotherhood to play big events on one of the world's most beautiful islands.

A 10,000 capacity crowd were entertained at the hands of the Big Black Cox. It could have only landed to a man such as Carl Cox. To be responsible enough to travel across the date line to make two fantastic Millenniums where both were played out to BBC Radio 1 and the Blast 24 hour Millennium dance party, seen on Satellite TV all over the world. Carl made DJ / Musician history - not even Michael Jackson could manage the breach.

05/25/2001 21:40
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