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Danny Howells
Danny Howells is without doubt one of the most exciting upcoming DJ's in the UK.

Danny has been playing on home territory for years, spinning with the likes of John Digweed on many of his Babealicious and Bedrock Parties. The last months have seen Danny's career step up a gear. Danny's refreshingly original style of sexy, deep and funky futuristic tech / tribal / progressive house combined with his silky smooth mixing abilities has taken Danny all over the World, as well as establishing him with residencies at some of the UK's best clubs. He is currently a stalwart at Renaissance, The Ministry of Sound and Bedrock

Together with Rob Green he has worked on a number of projects including mixes for Chakra (WEA), React To Rhythm (Jackpot/Guerilla), Robbie Williams (Chrysalis). His solo mixing talents benefited Ashtrax (Deviant) and Slide (Flying Rhino). As a producer Danny records under the name of 'Squelch' and was responsible for the massive underground hit 'Crash'. His first mix album came out in 1998: 'Jackpot Presents...Guerilla' with Phil Perry of Full Circle. In 1999 his second mix-album was released (only in Holland and Belgium). A project that was being 'directed' by his biggest promoter and fan, Dutch nightlife reporter Mick Boskamp. The album is called 'Nightlife Report 1...Mick Boskamp presents Danny Howells'. The seventy minutes plus mix demonstrates the versatility and vision of Danny Howells both as a DJ and a lover of dance music, venturing from the sexy, dirty funk of the UK deep house scene through to the tougher, darker scapes of the progressive underground.

Danny's DJ style is refreshingly varied and original in these times of DJ clones and promo-only jocks who only play the big tunes the labels mail them. Everything from disco, deep house and trance will be thrown into the mix with great aplomb and technical precision. The music Danny plays has been painstakingly selected and sourced and it really does show. In fact as train spotters go, he's up there with the best of them.

He has successfully released "Nocturnal Frequencies II" in 2000, the second offering in his own critically acclaimed mix series. This has carved a niche for Danny's forward thinking and intelligent selections. There is also an album in the pipeline for Israel as well as a recently released "Nu Breed" mix for Global Underground.

Things can only get better for Danny as he becomes recognized as a true star and breathes a blast of fresh air into an otherwise stagnating pool of club icons.

04/22/2001 17:05
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