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Danny Tenaglia
"My sound is often described as containing a sexual energy, so I think there's probably no better place to share that side of me than under a disco ball, on a dancefloor surrounded by a bunch of sweaty bodies !!"

Danny Tenaglia has spent the past year or so traveling extensively as a DJ adding uncharted territories of Russia and Israel to his already extensive list of England, USA, Canada, Italy, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Singapore, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland. It's fair comment to call him the Christopher Columbus of House Music. His name is synonymous with the effervescent club scene of New York City where Danny has remained true to his roots by remaining in the thick of the city's clubbing culture. From his days as an early crusader of House music, Danny has always thrived on the reaction of the dancefloor to his music and still considers DJing as the most inspiring part of his work. After more than 20 years in the business, he still DJs his hot Friday night at Manhattan's Vinyl.

Those two decades have been studded with professional highs, and his production credits read like a Who's Who of popular music. For an ex-roller disco DJ from Brooklyn, Danny Tenaglia has come a long, long way. Since the late 80's, Tenaglia has created a niche for himself in the ever-fickle world of hip producers and trendy remixers and ever since his debut recording in 1988 -- "Waiting For A Call" by Deep State -- Danny has been kept busy with a steady stream of quality remixes and production credits. His impressive resume includes major superstars like Madonna ("Human Nature"), Janet Jackson ("Pleasure Principle") and the Pet Shop Boys ("Bilingual") as well as dance luminaries like The Orb ("Little Fluffy Clouds"), Kim Mazelle ("Love Me The Right Way") and working with Peter and Vanessa Daou on their four #1 Billboard dance singles ("Surrender Yourself", "Give Myself To You", "Sunday Afternoons" and "Two To Tango").

His own break-through album, 1995's "Hard & Soul", is now considered a classic - a clubbing masterpiece which featured hard-edged beats wrapped up in soulful rhythms. Danny Tenaglia's style and savvy is in making completely of-the-moment records with an almost timeless quality, with Danny always looking to the future whilst giving the old school a respectful and approving nodd. His DJ compilation albums ("Mix This Pussy", "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?", "Global Underground/Athens" and "Color Me Danny") have only succeeded in making him even more sought-after in clubs around the world. "Tourism", the eagerly awaited follow up to "Hard & Soul" came in 1998 and continued with deep Garage-hued rhthyms and trippy House beats with which Danny would preview to the crowd during his popular residency at New York's Tunnel Club.

Danny Tenaglia as DJ began to make a name for himself in the late 70s - wowing the crowds at legendary Manhattan clubs like Stix and Crisco Disco. When he wasn't rocking the dancefloor himself he could be found hanging out at the Paradise Garage with the likes of Larry Levan. In 1985, Danny packed his records and migrated south to Miami, Florida. "I was the house DJ at Cheers. At that time it was the only club in Miami staying open until 7am on weekends. "I remember introducing the people to all the New York garage stuff and early Chicago house music. I was living for those sounds." Five years later - apparently tired of the fun and sun - Danny moved back to New York. Since his return Danny has played at a variety of clubs, including Tunnel and Twilo and has spent much of his time traveling abroad. Says Danny, "Everywhere I've played, people have treated me with great respect and admiration. To see a crowd touched by music is truly a beautiful experience." His dedication to the dancefloor doesn't go unnoticed, he was recently voted #8 in DJ magazine's top 100 DJs in the world.

Following recent remixes for Giorgio Moroder ("From Here to Eternity") and Green Velvet ("Flash") and the release of "Stick Together" and "Why Can't You Be Real" (produced with Byron Stingily) Danny is back with the first US release from the series "Back to Mine". A beautiful yet difficult album to compile, "Back to Mine" features thirteen classic tracks. With a vinyl collection of over 15,000 records, Danny painstakingly selected his personal favorites for an after hours session at his house after a hard night out on the dancefloor. Quite different from his previous mix albums, "Back to Mine" is a lovingly crafted album of gems for the very end of the night. Perfect home listening material from one of the world's best DJs. Who could ask for more?

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