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Nick Warren
Way back in the wild west, a music pioneer with a Balearic vision and a taste for eclectic sets, played to a more sophisticated Bristol crowd and found himself in demand at places such as Venus and Most Excellent.

Over the past six years, Nick Warren has developed into one of the world most consistent performance artists. originally, a mainstay within the Bristol scene that spawned such acts as Massive Attack, Tricky, and Roni Size, Nick djed his way through the local masses to tour with the Universe - Tribal Gathering organization.

A chance meeting with Jody Weisterhoff, at the time a successful teenage drum n bass producer turned into one of the most successful production duos of recent times. way out west was born with two breakout tracks; Montana and Ajare quickly following. the tracks were caned up and down the uk by the country’s top dj’s. label giants, Deconstruction beat the rush to sign the pair to an exclusive deal.

Firmly established both in the dj booth and as a producer, Nick’s repuation took him further and further afield. Now one of the Uk’s most in demand dj’s, Nick spread his unique funky trance sound up anddown the bristish isles and across the globe.

In 1996 Nick’s allaince with superclub Cream expanded and with a residency brewing, Nick was commissioned to mix the second cd of the Cream white album. Nick included his new single, entitled The Gift. the record turned into the soundtrack anthem of 1996 and much of ’97. never before had a record caused so much devastation across the dance floors of the world.

Two years on, a full album and countless remixes after, and yet another album ready to go, Nick is at the pinnacle of his profession. Constant dj tours across the globe for Renaisance, Cream and the Tyrant - Balance crew and live appearances as way out west have firmly established Nick as a genius in the progressive house arena.

12/20/2000 15:01