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Quivver tunes are a part of every top DJ’s box and have been for some time now, from -the early days of ‘Saxy Lady’ and ‘Twist & Shout’ right up to date with the monstrous ‘She Does’, Quivver has been, and continues to be, one of dance’s main attractions.

Quivver was originally signed to A&M Records, where, along with writing partner Neil Barry, they released 2 tracks (as mentioned above), both tracks making huge dents on the dance-floors of the World and gathering a huge, ever growing following for Quivver along the way. The likes of Sasha, Oakenfold, Digweed and many, many more became huge fans and Quivver became a household name!! During this period John was also recording under the name of Skanna and had a label of the same name where he released around ten 12’s that reached the hearts (and record boxes) of people like Fabio and Grooverider, Doc Scott etc. The Skanna tunes were an outlet for John’s darker side - drum and bass and deep beats - influenced by John’s love of Hip Hop, Electro and all that ‘went off’ in the breakbeat days of the 80’s.

A shake up at A&M left Quivver free to move onto pastures new and John at this time split with his recording partner, but continued to work under the same name. Paul Oakenfold was first off the mark in the Quivver chase, already a huge fan and seeing this extreme talent free for the taking, Paul snapped up John and signed him to his own Perfecto label. John released tunes on Perfecto, DJ’d as part of their massive tours and continued to blossom until the demise of the label and their split with East West in 98. Later in 98 John signed up a deal with Virgin records and changed his name for recording to Stoneproof. The release of his first single ‘Everything’s Not You’ on Virgin came with much critical acclaim and huge support at club level with The Quivver Mix on the track being included on the Northern Exposure album, ‘Resident - 2 Years of Oakenfold at Cream’, Sasha’s Global Underground and more!!

2000 sees the Stoneproof name demise and John goes back to Quivver. It seems that it never quite gelled and Quivver is still well, erm. Quivver!! John continues to remix and DJ also under the same name and he is also one third of Tilt (along with Mick Park and Mick Wilson). Remixes recently have included Karen Ramirez ‘Lies’, Jeff Wayne’s ‘Eve of The War’ , Space Manoeuvres ‘Stage One‘, Culture Club’s ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’ and ‘Time’ and more recently on Libra ‘Calling Your Name’ and Danny Tenaglia ‘Do You Feel My Love’. John is also working in the studio with Sasha as we write working on what promises to be a monster tune for Sasha’s album.

Projects for 2000 has seen John release (at last) the massive ‘She Does’, which has also just been included in the soundtrack for ‘Maybe Baby’ tipped to be this years ‘Notting Hill’. The year will also see some really, really special new material. We will see John taking a possible U.S. residency (bi-monthly @ Twilo N.Y.C), Quivver go live, more European dates as well as some work in the studio on a new album plus some new Tilt tracks.

12/20/2000 14:58
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