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Lee Burridge
Once upon a time.. A west country lad discovered acid house...

Once upon a time.. A west country lad discovered acid house, raided the record shops of Bournemouth, took to the decks and embarked on an illustrious Djing career that has spanned over a decade and at least two continents and seen him work along side some of Englandís most revered Djís such as Sasha and Danny Rampling.

In 1991 the West Country scene was no match for the talents of the mixing magician and Hong Kong beckoned with the promise of a residency that would put Hong Kong on the clubbing map. Six years later the undisputed king of the colony was guesting at almost all the big clubs tour in Hong Kong, including Cream, Ministry, Malibue Stacy and Northern Exposure.

Not content with his status as best DJ at the best club - Mixmag 1998, Lee turned his attentions to the now legendary full moon parties at Ko-Pha-Ngan, Thailand along with Danny Ramoling, including a residency at the back-yard club which was to provide an inspirational alternative to the more standard nights around.

Future projects already promise to launch Lee into the Djing stratosphere and confirm his positions as a face to watch on the scene. His residency at Tyrant continues to provide clubbers with the slick hard house, trance, breakbeat sounds they have come to expect from him and guest appearances at Cream (Liverpool), Gatecrasher (Sheffield), Sugarshack (Middlesbourough), United (Plymouth), and the Venue (Jersey) have introduced his style to club-goes all over the country.

This year has already seen Lee take talents to Thailand, Ireland and Israel where international culbgoers have voted with their feet for Leeís driving progressive style. The coming year will see him play in Greece, Ibiza and undertake an Asian tour. Following in the footsteps of other successful UK DJís, Lee is also turning his attention to the studio with his much awaited mix CD due for release in August. Future projects in the pipeline include collaborations with Breeder and Hybrid. A breakbeat track with Andy Page (who previously collaborated with Sasha). And various other remix projects including work for Serious Recordings and Bunzi under the alias Snowcrash.

12/20/2000 14:53