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Jimmy Van M
He started mixing in 1992 at The Beacham Theater, now permanently relocated from Florida to NYC, continues his climb to the top and can be found Djing all over the world.

Jimmy started mixing in early 1992. He started off by doing guest spots at The Beacham Theater for Kimball Collins and Dave Cannalte. After The Beacham closed, he took a 1½ year residency with Kimball at Barbarella’s Lift night. The Beacham reopened for the Reunion Parties, he began doing guest spots there with DJ’s like Sasha, John Digweed, and Dave Seaman. In mid 1994, The Beacham Theater had closed for good. Jimmy then started taking guest spots up and down the East Coast.

After doing 2 years of road gigs, Jimmy wanted to branch out in the music industry. He started Eros Euphony-a company designed to handle numerous events like DJ/band tour promotions and his personal studio ventures. Jimmy hooked up with now studio partner, Sean Cusick to start writing music. Under the names Eros Euphony, Freelance Icebreakers and The Escape Artists, they quickly put together two Eps of tracks that got the attention of some of the best DJs around including Dave Seaman from Stress Recordings. Stress snapped the duo to a 1-year contract.

During the same year, Jimmy expanded the other part of Eros Euphony by setting up Northern Exposure, the first North American DJ tour for Sasha and John Digweed, with local promoter Bevin O’neil. This highly successful tour has been instrumental in putting progressive dance music in the minds and ears of many people across America. One such club that this tour connected with the legendary Twilo in New York. Setting up this big gig took big risk on the part of Jimmy, Twilo and Sasha and Digweed. This risk has now paid off with a monthly residency for all three DJs that has become the biggest night in New York City with a constant flow of 4,000 dedicated fans. Jimmy continued to build on the success of the Northern Exposure Tour by expanding his Djing across America, Canada and a guest spot at PACHA in Ibiza for Renaissance. The end of 1996 saw Eros Euphony expanding once again. Together with Chris Fortier (Fade Records), they started the import promotional company in the United States. This part of Eros Euphony was set up to promote widely UK and European Dance music. Labels like Polydor, Jackpot, Sony, Whoop, Limbo, Platipus, Sperm, Positive, Sim, Loaded, and many more have all given the full support.

For 1997, all aspects of Eros Euphony took off through the roof, which led to the creation of Balance Promote Group, the promotion end of Eros Euphony. With the success of Northern Exposure, Cream (Liverpool) contacted Jimmy to put together a Cream USA tour. This tour spanned across America and Canada again using such DJ talent as Carl Cox, Dave Seaman, Doc Martin and Nick Warren. This tour has solidified Jimmy and Balance as thee Promotions Company in the USA. Balance now hold exclusive booking rights to many of the UK’s top DJs including Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Parks & Wilson, Quivver, to name a few.

Jimmy’s DJing continued to rise in 1997. He traveled with partner Chris Fortier to do a mini tour of the country set by close friend John Digweed playing clubs like Sugar Snack and Cream. In 1998, he returned playing at the best clubs in London, Leeds, Manchester, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Ibiza. This year, when not traveling, Jimmy was in the studio producing More under the name Van M/Leeds, soon to be released on Digweed’s Bedrock label. In late summer 1999, Jimmy headed overseas again to play Heaven, Empire, Renaissance, and Home. Jimmy, now permanently relocated from Florida to NYC, continues his climb to the top and can be found Djing all over the world.

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