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Dave Seaman
International DJ, songwriter, obsessive, pragmatic, stubborn, bald, sulky, opinionated, perfectionist and Yorkshire Breakdancer.

31 years old, Taurean with Virgo rising, son of a spiritualist minister, former Mixmag Editor, Member of Brothers in Rhythm - the award winning producers and remixers to the pop cognoscenti (Pet Shop Boys, Kylie, Garbage & Pulp) and the progressive mafia, (Sasha, BT and Way Out West), travel whore, trainer bore, film buff, nothings ever enough.....! Leeds Utd devotee, neighbour of Mel B, Billy Vorgan look-a-like, Stella McCartney's birthday DJ, Robbie Williams kebab eating partner, with £1/2 million ear insurance, co-founder of Stress Records, sometimes lives in New York's East Villiage other times in a church next to a pub!

There are many DJs who have enjoyed many column inches for shaping the phenomenon that is modern club culture. For many of these individuals, it was a question of right time, right place. Talented yes; opportunistic, definitely - and just a little bit lucky. But there is another story to be told, of the second generation DJs, those who were inspired by acid house, embraced its pivotal ethics, and helped develop it. Enter Dave Seaman - pioneering second generation DJ, but also oh, so much more.

Dave too, as heıd be first to admit, has had his fair share of lucky breaks. However, it takes special talent to take advantage of them the way he has. Yes, he effectively won his job with DJ organization DMC in a competition, and blagged the editorship of the fledging membersı magazine Mixmag simply by being their youngest, hippest employee. But it was Dave who made the company fully aware of the impact of acid house and railroaded them into launching the magazine fully to the public. Single handedly he paved the way for the vast array of club mags currently doing the rounds.

Yes, he was equally lucky to bump into budding production genius Steve Anderson at DMCıs recording studios. But it was the pairıs respective talents gelling that led the turbo fuelled hit Such A good Feeling, via being Superstar remixers (the UKıs first) to the likes of Michael Jackson and the Pet Shop boys, to writing and producing for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Take That.

Yes, he was fortunate that DMC was happy to back his partner Nick Gordon Brownıs Stress record label. But it takes talent to spot the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Full Intention and Andy from Groove Armada, all of whom had early breaks on the label.

And yes it was a luck twist when Mixmag photographer Gary McLarnen invited Dave to bring his DJ skills to a new night he was launching at the unlikely Shelleys venue in Stoke on Trent. It just happened to become one of the UKıs best ever house clubs. The fact that Daveıs DJing star is still in the ascendant some 10 years later says it all.

For years Dave has kept at it, feverishly yet successfully juggling more plates than most of his peers could imagine. Most recently he has focused on his first love, DJing. It has earned him a first class ticket round the world as the demand for his deck skills continues to rise. In the UK, he has graced every superclub you care to mention, including Cream, Gatecrasher and perhaps most notably Renaissance, with whom he has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship. However, he is equally loved and revered at a number of the countryıs less hyped, but equally wonderful small town clubs - he is a God at the likes of Perthıs Rhumba Club, Portrushıs Lush and Prestonıs Feel.

2000 sees Dave at the helm of management company Therapy, where a team of trusted, like minded souls help him continue to juggle with aplomb. He fits in a fortnightly residency for Renaissance at their stunning flagship venue Media in Nottingham whilst still enjoying a hectic international schedule, which takes him to the far flung corners of the world. He is mixing high profile CDs for Renaissance and Global Underground, has recently remixed Placebo & David Bowie, Garbage and Alanis Morrisette and begins an Ibiza residency for Renaissance at Privilege in June. Oh, and planning the long awaited return of Brothers In Rhythm.

12/20/2000 14:50