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John Digweed in Argentina and Uruguay
Despite of my nationality, I'm argentinian btw, I have to be truly honest and reckon that most of the clubbers in my country, as well as the uruguayian ones, are not ready for a long, deep, dark set by Diggers.

I was spending my vacations in Punta del Este, a beautiful beach resort in Uruguay where Darren Emerson "recorded" his GU 015, enjoying many international djs such as Lee Burridge, Cass, A man called Adam (Smooth music yet poor mixing), Sander Kleinenberg and last but not least, my mate Hernan Cattaneo.
Off course I already knew Diggers was going to show up on wednesday 17th in Mar del Plata, another beach resort in Argentina and later on friday 19h right here in PDE.
Fortunately, I shared the flight from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata with Martin Gontad, the boss of dance music in South America, and Diggers and thanks to an informal but progressively improving relationship with "Il capo di tutti cappi" I was introduced to Diggers.
In a certain way I assumed the role of "Representative sample" of the local crowd and assisted John with some humble opinions on how was the venue, the people, etc.
He happened to be a cool guy, kind of shy and for that very reason many times mistaken by unfriendly.
Anyway I checked in at the hotel.
At 12:30 Hernan and I left to the club, where he played a housy warm up set. The crowd seemed to be receptive to the sound....we expected a great night..but...when Digweed took over the booth..people just began to slow down to finally stand still in the dancefloor with strange expressions, confused, looking each other looknig for answers to their limited musical spectrum...I don't know...I was one of the only people dancing the exquisite, dark, deep and building sound of John...I'm definitely dissapointed with my countrymen...the just want get high...they are not ready for Digweed..such a shame..
I took the plane back to Punta del Este on the next morning and made it to meet Diggers again on friday afternoon for his sunset set at Cream del Mar in Josť Ignacio, a little village 10 miles away from Punta del Este with the best sunsets around.
He asked me about the wednesday night and I thanked for such a classy set, even though I couldn't make it to recognize one single tune...we agreed he had to play a harder set that night at La Morocha...that's means he knows...
Whatever, he played a smooth down tempo set for the sunset for...not more than 30 people!!!...can you believe it....the positive aspect of this situation is the fact I enjoyed it almost exclusively...
Later night at La Morocha, problems excessive reverb in the club bothered John all night long and pissed him off because of the slightly imperfect set he played. Off course, no one but him realized of these imperfections.
That's the way it is...we are not ready for Diggers...
Hope one day we make it...

by: caman

02/5/2001 17:44