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Clubasic is the One Stop Source for all the house and techno heads. Get music reviews, mp3, games, postcards, news, forums, and upcoming releases.

Our mission is to facilitate the promotion of talent in the arts industry.

What we provide:

[+] An objective and neutral source of information about the industry.

[+] Education and advice through our editorials, our music focused community, and with interviews and Q&A with industry professionals and celebrity DJs.

[+] Professional services including online remixing, in partnership with the world's leading labels.

[+] Exposure of the label and its artists to the professional community, and the largest audience of music fans.

[+] Cutting-edge editorials and industry insider information.

[+] Exposure to the professional community and a large potential customer base.

[+] Nightlife, clublife, music, Dj interviews, models and fabulous people!

Important facts about us:

As an independent source of information about the industry is not affiliated with any particular agency or label.

We care about our members' privacy. We do not sell any of our members' private information to any third party.

[+] For more information about our Privacy Policy please click here.

Contacting us:

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